Worth Growing: Celosia

Friday, August 1, 2014

These beauties are my current favorites in the flower field.  Growing both crested and plume celosia side by side has made it fascinating to observe as them as they mature.  It can be hard to believe these two wildly different looking flowers are closely related.  See them as babies in this post

 The first two photos are of the crested celosia 'chief mix' from Johnny's seed.  I love their bold colors and interesting textures.  They are show stoppers at the farmers market and in a bouquet.

These next three photos are of the pampas plume celosia from Johnny's seeds.  They make excellent fillers in a mixed bouquet.  These photos don't quite capture the more subtle colors in this mix.  There are some lovely pale salmons among the more vibrant pinks.

Right now the plants are almost as tall as me.  Even after I have picked a full bucket, you can't even tell that the plants are reduced any.  The nice thing is that they don't have as narrow of a picking window in bloom and they are almost enjoying our 100 degree heat.  I think they would make a great low maintenance addition to anyone's casual cutting garden, but be sure to provide some support.   

If you want to go much deeper into celosia for cut flower production, be sure to visit Erin's blog Floret for her beautifully-photographed, detailed post on celosia.

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