Planting Celosia

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The neon colors of celosia are almost so vibrant you don't believe they are real.  This photo is of my youngest sister Liz and my sister Esther was behind the camera.

This weekend we finished up getting the celosia and a few other things planted in the flower field. 

 We used a bulb planter to punch the holes and then sprinkled in some compost from Victory Organics.  

I started out this spring making spreadsheets and lists of things I did each day, but then spring started flying by and the tasks to accomplish started piling up, leaving recordkeeping to fall through the cracks.  Still, I think we got the highlights even if we missed a few details.  I find capture dates on photos, both my phone or camera photos are my best tools in reconstructing some basic records.