Book Review: Plantiful

Monday, March 17, 2014

 Plantiful by Kristin Green was a pleasing mix of eye catching plants and plant combinations and practical instructions that appealed to my frugal, plant-lover's heart.  Unlike the average American I have a large amount of land that needs to be maintained as something other than weeds, so words like "self-sows" and "spreads quickly" excite me instead of scaring me off.  I discovered some great new-to-me selections in the plant profiles as well as being reminded of some plants I had overlooked or forgotten.  The propagation information was excellent as well, covering seeds, cuttings, and dividing.  I bought seed for 5 different plant varieties mentioned in this book that I am excited to add to my garden this year. 

Note: My book review posts are all books I have checked out from the library unless otherwise noted.

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