Grow Write Guild: My Plans for the 2014 Growing Season

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

January is a great month of garden dreaming and planning.  The holiday busyness is over and the next thing to look forward to on the calendar is spring.  My mailbox is full of seed catalogs and I am counting down the days until I start my tomato seeds.

Goals for the 2014 Veggie Garden:
1. Continue last years successes of lettuce, yardlong beans and tomatillos
2. Find a paste tomato that I love to grow and eat.  I have had plenty that taste good but the plants are weak and frustrating to grow.  Recommendations, anyone?
3. Try growing dried beans.  We eat plenty of dried beans so I am not sure why I haven't done this before.
4. Grow squash successfully.  The squash bug population in my garden is unreal, but this year I will try again to outwit them.  Let me know if you have any tried and true methods.
5. Grow things, mainly peppers, with the goal of creating my own seasoning blends.  Fresh Treager smoked paprika, I think yes!
6. Can and preserve more of the harvest.

 I also want to grow a cutting garden.  Last year I dabbled in cutting the things I already had in the garden for flower arrangements indoors, but this year I want to take it a step further and plant a specific patch just for cut flowers.  I am envisioning dahlias, craspedia, bachelors buttons, zinnias, pincushion flower and more.

This post is written in response to the writing prompt found here by You Grow Girl as part of the Grow Write Guild.


  1. Great post, I feel inspired already! I'm planning to grow squash myself this year. Our big nemesis around here is powdery mildew, so I'll be brewing up a nice strong batch of compost tea, which seems to do the trick every time.

  2. You're going to love growing dried beans. It's so much easier than trying to keep up with picking green beans! I devote a good amount of my garden to them because they're so nutritious and versatile. For paste tomatoes I've had good luck with Amish Paste. They're big and meaty. Opalka was pretty good, too if I remember correctly. I found your blog via Grow Write Guild. Keep up the good work!