Flowers: 11.3.14

Monday, November 3, 2014

The month of October has passed without a killing frost.  I have been enjoying this extra time playing with the flowers and preserving abundant garden produce.

Flowers: 10.20.14

Monday, October 20, 2014


There are still some flowers going strong in the flower field even though we aren't at the Farmer's Market anymore.  I am trying to enjoy them more before the frost puts an end to it all.

Worth Growing: Craspedia

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Craspedia has been a great little flower for selling at the market and enjoying personality.  With its modern, sculptural shape it is so appealing.  The long-lasting blooms also dry well keeping a nice golden color.  Their sturdy stems will remain straight even if you just leave them upright in a vase without water.

The pollinators love it because it is basically just a ball of pollen.  In our area it is an annual plant.  I started it from seed in the greenhouse, and it was a bit more touchy than most seedlings about over-watering

One thing to note is that in the dog days of August, the blooms really slowed down, but as the nights have started cooling off it has perked back up and continued cranking out flowers.

Worth Growing: Batchelor's Buttons

Monday, August 11, 2014

The crystal clear blue of these bachelor's buttons is lovely and unmatched by anything else I have in the flower field.

Not only do these make nice cut flowers, they are a lady bug magnet.  If you are looking to attract beneficial bugs to your garden, I would recommend these as one of your options.

These lovely flowers are easy to grow and will self sow.  Planting a few short rows every few weeks in the spring will give you a nice supply of cuts through out the summer.

Going out into the field and seeing all the ladybugs, bees, and other pollinators on the various flowers is so fascinating to me.  And once again I am reading an insect field guide cover to cover just like I did when I was 12.    

Add a small patch of bachelor's buttons to your garden plan next year and I think you will find them just as rewarding as I do.

Flowers: 8.6.14

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

I am starting to feel more confident arranging flowers and more pleased with my results.  This is my favorite composition and color palette so far.  We have been using a similar flower and color combo frequently in our Farmer's Market bouquets.

Composed of: zinnias, asters, and plume celosia.

Worth Growing: Celosia

Friday, August 1, 2014

These beauties are my current favorites in the flower field.  Growing both crested and plume celosia side by side has made it fascinating to observe as them as they mature.  It can be hard to believe these two wildly different looking flowers are closely related.  See them as babies in this post

 The first two photos are of the crested celosia 'chief mix' from Johnny's seed.  I love their bold colors and interesting textures.  They are show stoppers at the farmers market and in a bouquet.

These next three photos are of the pampas plume celosia from Johnny's seeds.  They make excellent fillers in a mixed bouquet.  These photos don't quite capture the more subtle colors in this mix.  There are some lovely pale salmons among the more vibrant pinks.

Right now the plants are almost as tall as me.  Even after I have picked a full bucket, you can't even tell that the plants are reduced any.  The nice thing is that they don't have as narrow of a picking window in bloom and they are almost enjoying our 100 degree heat.  I think they would make a great low maintenance addition to anyone's casual cutting garden, but be sure to provide some support.   

If you want to go much deeper into celosia for cut flower production, be sure to visit Erin's blog Floret for her beautifully-photographed, detailed post on celosia.

Flower Field: 7.18.14

Friday, July 18, 2014

Giant Zinnia Mix

Giant Lime Zinnia

Pink Senorita Zinnias

Pink Senorita Zinnias

Calendula and Bachelor's Buttons
These are just some snapshots of the flower field this week.  The zinnias are in full swing with their cheery blooms.  We are picking as much of this bounty as we can to bring to the Pasco Farmer's Market this Saturday. 

Flowers: 7.16.14

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

 I have really been enjoying this weeks cheerful arrangement of yellows and pinks.

 Composed of sunflowers, asters, zinnias, celosia, craspedia, and sweet william.

The whirlwind days of summer

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The flower field is going strong with almost every variety in bloom now.  We have been selling at the Pasco Farmer's Market and bulk orders straight off the farm.  If you need some flowers for a big event feel free to drop me an email at  Also, don't be surprised if posting here on the blog gets more sparse---you can follow me on instagram for more snippets like these.

2014 Tomato List

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

This year I ended up with 78 tomatoes in the ground.  While I am impatiently waiting for them to turn ripe I thought I would do a quick update on what all I had planted.  See last years tomato map in this post

Row 1: 2 tomatillos, 1 indigo rose, 3 honeybee, 6 sungreen, and 24 sungold tomatoes.
Row 2: One each of cherokee chocolate, solar flare, brandywine, persimmon orange, green zebra, cherokee purple, old german, german pink, and speckled roman tomato.  4 early girl, 4 grandenero, 9 suncherry, 10 sungreen and 8 sunpeach tomatoes.

A few sungolds and suncherries have ripened, and I am hoping for enough to bring to Pasco's Farmer's Market this Saturday.  Bring on tomato season!  Even my husband is asking how soon we can have BTLs.

Flower Field: 6.23.14

Monday, June 23, 2014

I almost didn't post these photos because things don't quite look how I wish they did.  I got straw down on the first few pathways, but I fell behind on the rest and ended up with a bit of weed jungle.  But I am daily attacking the weeds so just ignore them and focus on the progress of all the lovely plants.

Flowers: 6.20.14

Friday, June 20, 2014

I will be honest, these aren't colors I am normally drawn to, but once I started I really liked the fresh country garden feel it invoked; which makes sense given this arrangement incorporated several edibles.

Composed of snapdragons, yarrow, feverfew, allium, dill, cupids dart, raspberry foliage and spirea foliage.

Worth Growing: Chantilly Snapdragons

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I have made plenty of mistakes with these plants, partially because they are earlier than most everything else, but also because I don't have much experience growing snapdragons in general.  But these tough beauties have thrived in spite of me, producing second and even third flushes of show-stopping flowers.  I have fallen in love with the open-faced snapdragon and I would certainly plant them again.

We purchased a color mix of seed from Osborne Seeds and I especially love the peach, orange and pink blooms.  They are visually stunning flowers; intriguing people with their unfamiliar shape and delighting them with their bold, trendy colors.  The peach and orange especially have the most beautiful ombre fade as they bloom.  They really make a statement just by themselves.

Ideally, next year I would be more prepared and get at least some of the crop in early with row covers.  I am ashamed to admit that they didn't even get support netting either which resulted in many wasted stems from wind damage, so next year support is a must.  Snapdragons display very obvious geotropism, which refers to the way their growing tips always point up in response to gravity.  It can make for some crazy crooked stems when they fall over.  It is also very entertaining to watch when you bring them inside in a vase.   

I had no problem getting long stems, but I am sure an experienced grower could get even longer stems easily.  I think the open-faced Chantilly snapdragons are a great flower that is worth growing for market but also just home enjoyment.  I remember a seeing garden plan once that included several rows of cutting flowers in alongside the veggies and these would be an ideal flower to incorporate into the garden to give some food for the eyes on your table as well.

Flowers: 6.9.14

Monday, June 9, 2014

This week's flowers aren't necessarily arranged.  I just picked a few of everything out of the flower field to get an idea of how many stems to include in a basic mixed bouquet.  Composed of: allium, sweet william, salvia, catchfly, cosmos, and pinks.

I also made a bonus arrangement of sweet william, cupids dart, and celosia.  I picked up the silver dish at a thrift store and it had been begging for some flowers.