2013 Large Tomato Varieties

Saturday, November 16, 2013

I am just now getting into the large tomatoes.  I never liked tomatoes as a kid, but slowly I am developing more and more of a taste for them.  I started with sungolds, those sweet candy-like bites, usually mixed in with something, never plain.  After a bit I worked up to really tasting a tomato on its own, and now I appreciate the full flavors of a homegrown tomato.  I still won't eat them like an apple, but I think I have made real progress. 

When I order my cherry tomato seeds, the company usually has a bonus seed packet that is included, so that is how I got two packets of heirloom tomato seed without picking them out for myself.  Early Girls were the only slicing tomato I had grown before, but I knew I wanted to try other flavors so I started with what I had.  You can see my tomato plant map here.

 Chocolate Cherokee Tomato:  It was my first time growing and eating a large purple or "black" tomato.  I really loved the flavor, but the vines succumbed to disease faster than my other tomatoes.  I would grow this one again, but also try out some other black tomato varieties to see if there is something I like better.  

Virginia Sweet Tomato:  I loved the colors on this tomato, it was mainly orange with some reddish stripping, but when you cut it open the flesh was much more red than you expected.  The flavor of this tomato was less complex but very good and the vines seemed a bit tougher.  I would grow this again.

I also grew Oregon Spring and Silver Fir Tree, but was somewhat disappointed.  Early Girl is a much better early tomato in my opinion because it takes the cool spring weather and the heat of the summer.  Both of these other varieties shut down in the heat.  The Oregon Spring was also hard as a rock.

I grew Martino's Roma Tomato for a paste tomato and while the fruit was fine, I was frusterated with the vines.  They were hard to keep off the ground and they broke easily.  I would like to find an indeterminate roma for next year.   

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