Seed Organizing

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I have been saving all kinds of seeds this year, and while I don't have enough confidence to instruct you in the proper methods of seed saving, I think I have figured out a pretty handy way of organizing my seeds.

 I went to the office supply store and picked out sheet protectors with trading card and 3x5 card sized pockets.  The 3x5 sized pockets work great for retail-sized seed packets and you could just go with those if that was all you had.

Since I have a large amount of collected seed I went one step further.  I keep all my collected seeds in small zip top plastic bags I found in the beading aisle.  These fit perfectly in the trading card sized pockets which let me have 9 types of seed per page instead of just 4.

I also tape my plant tags to a sheet of card stock and slip them into a regular sheet protector in the same notebook.

Add a few pages of garden notes and random pages torn out of magazines and now I have all my garden information and inspiration in one place.

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