Yard Long Beans

Thursday, September 5, 2013

I have tried various types and varieties of green beans and I have finally found the ones for me.  These are Yard Long Beans in both red and green varieties.  I purchased my seed here.

Reasons why I love these beans:

1. They are pole beans which makes them easier to pick and vines have much less foliage than normal pole beans which makes them even easier to pick. If you plant the red ones, then picking is as easy as it can possibly get.
2. They seem to perform well in our Eastern Washington heat.
3. The flowers, and really the whole vines, are gorgeous.

4. Their long shape is just too fun.  I find they are tender up to about 18 inches long.
5. Their flavor is bold in a good way.  The red ones have a hint of floral in their aroma.
6. The red ones stay red(ish) with cooking.  They did fade slightly when I blanched them, but hold their color completely when stir-fried.

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