Book Review: The Food Lover's Garden

Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Food Lover's Garden by Mark Diacono is one of my favorites because it was the first book I read that explored the more unique edibles.  This book is not about growing potatoes and onions, it is about growing those tasty edibles that you will rarely or never see in the store.  There are seven main chapters covering tree fruit, nuts, soft fruit, herbs and spices, beans and greens, leaves and flowers, and root crops.  Each chapter profiles 4 to 8 unique edibles with a great taste that makes them worth growing.

You would think that garden planning with your stomach in mind would be natural, but I have failed at that more than once.  In the past I have planted radishes, parsnips, carrots and hot chili peppers all of which I rarely buy and don't enjoy eating.  Why did I plant them then?  Well I guess because the seed packets were there at the store and it just seemed like I should grow everything.

This book is very well written and the in depth descriptions of flavors will have your mouth watering.  You will suddenly think, "I must have this plant right now!"  when five minutes ago you never even knew it existed.  Some of my favorites are the mulberries, the honeyberries, the Chinese kale, the Szechuan pepper and the nasturtiums.

Note: My book review posts are all books I have checked out from the library unless otherwise noted.  

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