Tomatoes in the ground

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Spring has hit us with some late frosts this year.  I finally got all my tomatoes in the ground May 1st.  I had the cherry tomatoes planted the week earlier since they had long out-grown their 4 inch pots, but I waited on the smaller Roma's and a few others until we had a clear forecast.  I started my tomato seeds indoors on March 6th which was too early, I think.  Next year I will wait until the middle or end of March. 

Tomato map 2013

This year I have my tomatoes planted against 9 cattle panels with 8 tomatoes per panel.  We redid the drip irrigation with PVC between the plastic lines for more stability and easier winter storage. On April 30th we had a killing frost.  I covered all the tomatoes with jugs and burlap, but I lost two Sun Cherries because their covers blew off. That brings my total number of tomato plants to 69.


  1. Last year was my first year at a community garden. I was very surprised by the number of tomatoes 3 plants produced.
    What do you do with all of your tomatoes?

    1. Yes that would be far too many tomatoes for one family. I sell cherry tomatoes at the farmer's market and I make sauce with the romas.