Grow Write Guild: Listen

Thursday, May 23, 2013

I am often out in the garden in the evening after work.  When I stop and listen, the first sound I hear is the soft coos of doves.  I can also hear the different calls of the quails as they are out feeding.  They sound like they are talking to each other.  My love of quail has been slightly damaged by the fact that they refuse to let me get a crop of peas this year.  But back to the sounds... I also hear various other chirpings from robins and starlings and those little brown birds, but it all blurs together and just sounds like "birds" to my ear.  If I listen long enough I hear the red wing black birds and the meadow larks, but they are usually farther from the house.  The meadow lark call is my favorite herald of spring and I never tire of hearing it.  The other bird sound in the garden is the drilling of flickers or woodpeckers on basically anything that happens to be close by.  My favorite is when they drill the aluminum hand-lines.  It takes a bit before you realize a bird is making that machine-gun like sound. 

The second dominate sound to reach my ears is irrigation.  I can hear the chinking of impact sprinklers which to me is the ultimate sound of summer in the Columbia Basin.  Careful listening distinguishes the hum of the circle moving and that soft sound made when the water hits the ground.  I can also hear the neighbors pump whining in the background.

This post is written in response to the writing prompt found here by You Grow Girl as part of the Grow Write Guild.


  1. Great photo. I am hearing the sound of rain, not even close to needing irrigation yet.

    1. Thanks! We have had an unusually dry winter/spring, but it is raining today, so that is good.

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    1. Oops, I accidentally commented as mom & dad.