Seed starting tip #1: Don't skip the plant labels

Monday, April 1, 2013

 When it comes time to start sowing seeds in trays or pots the first thing I do is lay out all my available containers (or the amount that will fit under my lights) out and figure how many potential plant spaces I have.  Then I lay all my seeds out and figure out how much I want to plant of each.  Then the juggling comes in as I have to pare down what I want to plant to fit what I have room for. When I finally get that decided, I always label every pot or pony pack with a plant marker even before filling it with soil so I can stick to my plan.

This year my plant markers are cut out of an empty white plastic jug, but I have also heard that broken mini blinds work well.  If you are not into scrounging in the junk pile, they aren't expensive to buy either.  The "hassle" of marking every plant is worth it to avoid mix ups.  I will often move plants around on the tray as they are growing so they are getting even light and don't end up leaning sideways.  I may be able to tell an onion from a marigold, but I can't tell a beefsteak tomato from a roma tomato.  In the past I have accidentally planted a Super Sweet 100 tomato instead of a Sungold, which was a tragedy, because it meant that I had one less Sungold growing in my garden than I could have had.

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