Garden Bloggers Bloom Day: April 2013

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Every spring is a roller coaster of weather as winter and summer collide.  The first spring flush of new growth and flowers gives way to a slower, more steady pace that at first feels like a crawl in comparison.  I guess it is a bit ridiculous to expect significant growth in all of my plants every single morning...

 This pasque flower honestly isn't my favorite bloom.  I can't wait until the flowers fade and the wispy seed heads appear. 

The fat buds and ruffly pink flowers of my flowering almond shrubs.

The fuchsia pink of these phlox is so hard to capture true to color with my camera, but it really enlivens the garden in the spring.  

 This serviceberry bloom is more than just a pretty face---It will turn into a delicious berry in June.

 The fleeting flowers of the blue flax have always been so alluring to me.  I would try to pick them as a child only to be crushed when they withered almost instantly.


  1. I've never seen a flowering almond shrub. Very fluffy flowers. The blue Flax are a nice dark blue. Pretty photos.

    1. Flowering Almonds are great shrubs, they have pretty flowers and they stay nice and small with lovely arching branches. Sorry, I don't know the specific name for mine, because I dug them up from my parents house.